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Find out who "likes" your site!
In the past there have been get-togethers for Movable Type enthusiasts in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo... but none in Europe yet!  There has recently been some discussion about this on various mailing lists and several people indicated they would...
I wrote the entry about Movable Type Hack-a-thon on February. Now, the event will be held again. Six Apart Japanese Branch (hereafter SAKK) announced that they will organize the Movable Type Hack-a-thon on 19th, July, at SAKK office. I took...

Hey folks,

I've got a local install of Movable Type, which is used as a development version, and a remote install which is on the web. When I edit a page or template and then publish it in my local version, I am then brought back to the edit page after it has published. However, when I do this on the remote version I am redirected to the admin home page (the same page which initially loads on logging in to the back end). I would like the remote version to behave in the same way as the local version (ie, redirect back to the template editing page) but I've had no joy in working out how to do this. Given that my knowledge of perl is nil (this is a work project for a client), how would I go about doing this? I've googled and searched this forum, but I haven't been able to find an answer.


I want to specify one <CategoryLabel> in <MTEntryCategories> in archive template.

For example my categories are like this (x is selected category in entry):

Fruit --Apple --Grape

Drinks --Coffee -x-Beer --Juice

Vacation --France -x-UK

In this case I want to display the label under "Drinks" in a entry (sample code)

<MTSubCategories category="Drinks">

I know there are various plugin that do this but I couldn't find one that supports MT5. If anyone know if there is a way to do this without the plugins, greatly appreciated!


Im trying to sort <MTEntries> by title.

I know you can use <MTEntries sort_by="title" sort_order="ascend"> but this modifier some how prioritizes capitalized letters first to the sort. Im not sure if this is a glitch in the system but this modifier should sort by purely the alphabets(caps or no caps) used in the title.


Template code:

<MTEntries sort_by="title" sort_order="ascend">

I would like to sort these titles alphabetically:

  • Aligator
  • Apple

If <MTEntries sort_by="title" sort_order="ascend"> is used:

  • Aligator
  • Apple

But it really should be (and I want)

  • Aligator
  • Apple

Would someone know how to achive this?


I'm trying to insert UL on every 20th sub category label. This code below doesn't seem to work. It only exports list of sub categories without the UL in it's right place.

Any one know what would be wrong?

<mt:If name="__counter__" op="%" value="20" eq="1">
<mt:If name="__counter__" ne="1">

My testing environment: Movable Type 5.01 PHP 5.2.11 MySQL 5 Perl 5.8.9

Endevver could not be happier and more proud to see ChicagoNow featured today as one of "5 Innovative Websites That Could Reshape the News." From the article on Mashable: Owned and operated by the "old media" outlet The Chicago Tribune,...
For the last month Endevver has been piloting a new custom support system to help users of its many plugins as well as our numerous customers get answers to their questions as quickly as we can. We looked at two...
WordPress has a convenient function named "quick entry" in the dashboard. You can make an entry in your dashboard with it quickly. It is convenient and easy to post. Now, you are able to use the quick-entry widget in your...

Now on YouTube

Once in while, when answering questions on the Movable Type IRC channel or the support forums I find it easier to show rather than tell, a video can break through a language barrier and miscommunication faster than words. These have...
Today Endevver is happy to announce the availability of a new plugin for Movable Type and Melody that helps users quickly create and deploy a digital store front to their web site. Unlike many of its counterparts available on other...
I'm very pleased to announce that today Six Apart launched movable type v5.02.According to Six Apart today's announcement, this second release of the 5th series is strictly a bug fix release without new features, but with so many issues sorted...
We launched Six Apart Media just two years ago and can you believe that last month Six Apart Media reached over 42% of all US Internet users*, placing us #1 in blogs and #2 only to Facebook in the Conversational...

Movable Type 5.02

Movable Type 5.02 was released by Six Apart today. This is strictly a bugfix release without new features. It contains fixes for a number of issues including one security vulnerability. It is highly recommended that all users of Movable Type...
"kotonohalink" is a plugin which has developed by Motokazu Sekine, known as "CHEEBOW". It adds link urls to pre-defined words in the plugin. After installing "kotonohalink", you can write words which you want to add a link url. You have...

MT-Notifier 5.0.0

Added ability to store templates in database Added template tag context to allow use of MT tags Changed code to use standard MT loading of templates Cleared out now-unused routines (load_email) Corrected error with missing text on management interface...
Last week Facebook announced a new version of the “Like” button that gives marketers and publishers the ability to embed a content-sharing button on their websites. Users can now signal the content they like on the Internet via their Facebook...

I keep getting a crash on the mt-wizard.cgi script that returns: "script failed to send data".

I'm not sure what the issue is, and whether it is because of movable type of perl/windows.

Any insight is appreciated.

It upgraded in MT5

I guess you have wanted to add an ellipsis mark, like "...", in your entry title automatically. So, how did you do to apply the mark? Oscar, an author of "WolaWola", wrote some answer to this question. In his journal,...