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Sometimes when you are writing a plugin for Movable Type (or just a little utility script) it can be tempting to quickly add, remove or edit some piece of data directly in the database.  In many cases, this is a very bad idea, and I will tell you why.
There are several plugins that promise to add Google maps to your Movable Type powered blog, but not all of them work or are actively maintained.  But there is a quicker and easier way, and you don't even need to install any plugins.

One of the most common problems people run into when they are getting started with advanced templating techniques in Movable Type is how to use the content of a tag as the input for another tag.

Born at LeWeb...

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Right now I am sitting in the audience at the LeWeb'09 conference, listening to Loic Le Meur interviewing Jean-Philippe Courtois from Microsoft.  That, and multitasking like crazy: I have set up this entire website, domain name, apache configuration and all, in the time since Loic and Geraldine made the opening remarks of the conference less than an hour ago.

Who said installing Movable Type was hard?

Not me ;-)