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I've been working on a few projects recently which required numbered pagination at the bottom of the page. This is no problem for the most recent versions of Movable Type, even with static publishing.  How to do it is documented quite well here.  In the examples in this documentation I found a neat trick unrelated to pagination I want to share.
Here is a neat little trick to be able to read what people are saying on (for example) Movable Type Japan or the Japanese Six Apart website, without having to constantly copy paste stuff into Google Translate.  It even works with Twitter Search, so you can now finally read what all these Japanese MT tweets are about...
It was a day with typical rainy London weather as I arrived at the restaurant where we had arranged to meet.  I quickly spotted Adam Tinworth and Matt Carey near the entrance, and a short while later Anu Gupta joined us.  We sat down at a table and did what all MT users do when they have some time to spare...
Jun Kaneko, Six Apart/SAY Media's Community Manager for Movable Type, has been on holiday in the U.K. for the past few days, but before flying back to Japan tomorrow he is meeting up with a few people in the European Movable Type community.  If you still want to come, we meet between 13.00 and 14.00 U.K. time in the 'Leon' restaurant, 73-76, The Strand, London.

This post will be updated with any interesting info that is revealed during the afternoon.  There might even be streaming video if the wifi and light are good.
Movable Type does seem to have a future, despite the lack of information about it in the first news about the Six Apart acquisition by VideoEgg and the formation of the new company "SAY Media". This article on the Japanese Six Apart site seems to take away most of the worries people might have.
Hot news from Techcrunch: apparently Six Apart, the company that created Movable Type, has been acquired by VideoEgg and the two companies are merging to form a new one called "SAY Media".  The most important tidbit of info from the Techcrunch article with respect to Movable Type is this: "But Alden says that Say Media will continue to support and grow the Typepad and Moveable Type platforms."

That is good to hear, although the article also says "Six Apart CEO Chris Alden will step down."  Let's see what the coming hours bring us, in terms of news...

Movable Type 5.03 Released

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In case you had missed the official announcement, Movable Type 5.03 is out.  As always, there are release notes.  This is just a bugfix release (so no new features) but I would recommend upgrading just to be safe.
Mark Carey, the accomplished Movable Type plugin writer, has recently released two new ones: Twitter Tools and Facebook Tools.  Both allow you to post your latest Movable Type entries to respectively Twitter and Facebook, all fully automatic.  The Twitter version even comes with support for optional URL shortening and automatically using MT tags as Twitter hashtags.  Neat!