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I'm in New York today for the Movable Type Idea Exchange.  All presentations are being recorded, but if you can't wait here is my low-quality livestream:

I will be at the LeWeb conference in Paris later this year.  Any other Movable Type people coming?  Might be a good place for a small meetup/dinner/coffeebreak...  This conference has a special place in the history of this blog, as it was the birthplace of Movable Tips!   I don't think I will be setting up another blog during this year's keynote though...
In the past there have been several events where Movable Type users, hackers and enthusiasts got together to hack/play/tinker with Movable Type.  Unfortunately for us Europeans, most of these events happened on different continents.  I was lucky enough to be attending one of them in New York a few years ago, but I wouldn't mind going to another one that is closer to home...

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