March 2012 Archives

Two of my clients recently encountered this issue, so I thought I'd mention it here along with the fix.  In some versions of Movable Type (4.38 was the one my clients used) there exists a bug on the 'Edit Profile' screen you can reach by clicking your own username in the top right of the screen.  Any custom fields for users appear to be empty on your own profile.
Blogger Tom Keating of TMCNet has released his own fork of the PostOffice plugin for Movable Type that allows users to send in their blog entries via email.  His version sports quite a number of improvements over the older version, check it out...
Recently I ran into an obscure issue with image uploads on a Movable Type installation of one of my clients.  Several users had been complaining about photos being uploaded into the entry editor not showing up as (thumbnailed) images, but as direct download links.  When later trying to insert the same image in a different entry, the image would ony show up as a file, not as a (thumbnailable) image.  All these images appeared to have been taken with recent Nikon-brand cameras.
I recently encountered a bug in Movable Type where uploading a certain image failed with the message "Saving (filename) failed: Invalid image file format". Some digging led me to the file lib/MT/ where the uploaded image was failing a check.  This was in MT4, but some older versions of MT5 can also have this happening.  So, what is going on?