Tom Keating Releases (forked) PostOffice 2.0 plugin for Movable Type

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Blogger Tom Keating of TMCNet has released his own fork of the PostOffice plugin for Movable Type that allows users to send in their blog entries via email.  His version sports quite a number of improvements over the older version, check it out...
Here is a list of the features:

  • Images are now imported into MT Asset Management database, so they can be used in a slideshow, search results, etc. {Note: PostOffice v1.1 added this feature too}
  • Videos are also now imported into MT Asset Management database.
  • Both images and videos are now stored in /images/YYYY/MM dated folders instead of a single directory like PostOffice 1.0 & 1.1.
  • Ability for each blogger to set a maximum image width so they don't 'blow' out their blog layout with an image that is too wide.
  • Images are resized automatically if larger than maximum width
  • Detect html or text email format and set the line breaks for the entry automatically. {Credit: Alex}
  • Process message parts in a single loop (instead of two loops as in 1.1) while still replacing cid and loc links with the correct asset. The structure allows for future modifications, such as the automatic embedding of videos, audio files, etc. {Credit: Alex Teslik}
  • Auto-rotate email images based on EXIF tags. Originally I was running this cron job to auto-rotate all images based on EXIF data:
    /usr/bin/jhead -autorot -ft /var/www/html/blog/tom-keating/images/*
    But the code above has to process every image each time even if it has been rotated already. Now I can rotate images with PostOffice using Image::ExifTool. This allows iPhone and iPad users to mail images to their blog and have them appear correctly. The EXIF tag is updated after rotation so that Mobile Safari and some other browsers do not rotate the image again based on the EXIF orientation tag.
  • Disabled plus style email addressing used by PostOffice 1.0 and 1.1, which expects email addresses using the format emailaddress+{blogid}, i.e. However, since most email serversDO NOT support plus-style addressing, this was preventing me from getting this plugin to work with Exchange Server 2010. I commented out the code, so you can re-enable it if you wish, though I suspect most will prefer it disabled.

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