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Despite the tragedy which struck Japan, Six Apart has managed to release the third beta of Movable Type 5.1.  We wish the team (and by extension everybody in Japan) the best of luck and hope for a speedy recovery.
Movable Type comes with a handy click-and-drag system to order sidebar or other widgets any way you would like them.  The interface for this system also has a list of all the available widgets that are currently not in use in the particular set of widgets you are sorting, allowing you to simply drag a new widget into the list.  Unfortunately the list of available widgets is not ordered in any particular way, which makes it a bit unpractical if you have many widgets.

Melody RC1 Released

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Hot on the heels of the Movable Type 5.1 beta 2, the Open Melody software group announced the release of Melody RC1.  (Melody is a community-supported Open Source fork of Movable Type 4).  If you want to try it out, go here and log in with demo/demo (thanks to Mihai of Pro-IT Service).  The release notes are full of interesting details about what has changed.
It has always been a bit of a hassle to link to alternative archives in Movable Type.  The standard <mt:archivelink> tag only generates links to the archive that has been set as the 'preferred' one, so if you were publishing other versions of your archives (mobile, XML, ...) you had to manually generate links to them.  I even wrote an article on that a while ago, explaining how you could use the regex_replace attribute for this.
Six Apart KK just announced the release of Movable Type 5.1 Beta 2.  Go yonder and have a look...