Sorting the List of Available Widgets in the Movable Type Backend

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Movable Type comes with a handy click-and-drag system to order sidebar or other widgets any way you would like them.  The interface for this system also has a list of all the available widgets that are currently not in use in the particular set of widgets you are sorting, allowing you to simply drag a new widget into the list.  Unfortunately the list of available widgets is not ordered in any particular way, which makes it a bit unpractical if you have many widgets.
There recently was a discussion about this on the MTOS mailing list.  Dan Wolfgang came up with some code changes (which he then implemented in Melody) that would sort the widget list alphabetically, and Su pointed out this plugin for Movable Type which basically does the same thing:

For example, here is the widget set determining the order of the items in the sidebar of this blog, with the (default) non-ordered list of available widgets:

After installing the plugin, it now looks like this:


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