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User birdahonk on the Movable Type forums was looking for a way to display a list of the countries in which the pictures on his photoblog were taken.  The country of each photo was stored in a custom field, and he would like to have a simple list of them, without duplicates.  Some Movable Type template magic to the rescue!
Hacker group LulzSec announced they hacked and defaced, and claimed: was owned via a 0day we discovered in mt4 aka MoveableType 4
This comes just days after Six Apart announced a security upgrade for all Movable Type versions.  The most likely scenario is that someone reverse-engineered the security fixes to discover which vulnerabilies were patched and then exploited them.
Using Movable Type's Multiblog feature it is relatively easy to aggregate the most recent blog posts accross your entire Movable Type installation. For example, <mt:entries include_blogs="all">...</mt:entries> will get you the ten most recent entries. But sometimes this is not what you need.  What if you want to make sure there is at least one entry from each blog being displayed? 
I recently needed to show the date and time of the last activity on a blog: in other words, when was the last entry or comment posted?  For this to work, you need to know when the last entry was posted, when the last comment was posted and which happened last.  Here is the template code I came up with:
A few weeks ago I already announced I was working on a new version of the old and defunct Movable Type Community Aggregator (it can still be found here).  I am pleased to say that I'm launching it today, on the same day Movable Type 5.1 came out.  Without further ado, here is the new Movable Type and Melody Community Aggregator.
After four release candidates, Movable Type 5.1 is finally here.  A list of new features can be found here, and the release notes are here.   There is also a quite impressive list of community contributions in the release notes, as opposed to those of earlier versions.  That sounds like good news for the vitality of the MT community!  Anyway, I'm off to go install 5.1!
Another day, another release candidate of Movable Type 5.1...  Seems like they squashed one more issue for this one.  Anyway, if you want to try it out without installing anything, Mihai has made it available on-line for testing.
Apparently there were some more bugs to fix before the final release, because a third release candidate for MT 5.1 has been announced by Six Apart, with a fourth on the horizon.  As always, there are release notes, you can see them here.
The built-in TypePad Antispam plugin has been stopping 99% of all spam on this blog for a while now, but I have the impression the total amount has been going up and up, making the remaining 1% all the more annoying.  That is why I recently installed a relatively old (but compatible with MT 5) plugin from Jay Allen: Comment Challenge.