Movable Type and Melody Community Aggregator (re-)Launched!

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A few weeks ago I already announced I was working on a new version of the old and defunct Movable Type Community Aggregator (it can still be found here).  I am pleased to say that I'm launching it today, on the same day Movable Type 5.1 came out.  Without further ado, here is the new Movable Type and Melody Community Aggregator.
So, how does it work/what does it do?

Basically the site is a single blog that uses the Reblog plugin to fetch the feeds of about thirty sites every half hour.  The items in these feeds are stored as complete entries by the plugin, with some extra metadata describing the original source etc.

Most of the feeds are plain RSS or ATOM feeds from a variety of weblogs, but there are some special cases.  For some blogs that write in Japanese or French, the feed is first pulled through Yahoo! Pipes, a service that allows you to (among other things) process and manipulate feeds.  This pipe, for example, pulls in a Japanese feed, translates the entries and titles and returns an English feed.  This other pipe selects only those items that contain the string 'Movable Type', then translates them to English (from French) and outputs an English feed.

Other than that, there was also some templating work involved: for each item I only display the title and a short excerpt, along with a link to the original source.  When searching however the full entry body is searched (even though it is not displayed in the results).  I did this because I want to encourage readers to go to the original sites to read the full articles (and also because  I don't want to steal the content).

So what do you think?  Feel free to drop suggestions for new feeds in the comments!

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