Movable Type Link Roundup

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I meant to write about all of this earlier but I didn't get to it due to lack of time.  But here are some interesting Movable Type-related stories that broke in the past few weeks.
Six Apart Japan was acquired by Infocom (not the defunct games company, but a Japanese IT group):
Overall, I think this is a good thing for MT.  It is now in the hands of people who care, which is nice.

Byrne Reese (ex Six Apart MT developer & community manager) on why WordPress won the "blogging wars"
Good summary of what happened, I hope Infocom/Six Apart KK learns from it.

OpenMelody (a community driven fork of Movable Type Open Source) announces its last beta:
It will be interesting to see how it compares to the MT 5.1 beta.

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