Melody 1.0 is (Finally) Out!

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The Open Melody Software Group has announced the official release of Melody 1.0.  Melody is a community-driven fork of the open source version of Movable Type 4.x, and can be used to completely replace it.  At the time of writing it is not up yet, but I expect there will be a demo version on-line here soon if you want to test it without installing:
From the release announcement here is a list of the most important features:

  • Re-tooled and slimmed down the code base to reduce bloat and increase performance.
  • Revision histories for entries, pages and templates.
  • Redesigned Manage Entries screen supporting inline publishing and more detailed view of each entry/page.
  • Added a Design console for applying and managing themes.
  • Full fidelity theme exporting.
  • Full screen editor mode for entries and templates.
  • Improved documentation managed entirely by the community
  • New default theme: DePo.Clean by Derek Powazek.
  • User experience improvements abound!
Interestingly enough, Movable Type 5 also comes with revision histories and theme exporting built-in, although implemented in a different way.  And I suspect Movable Type 5.1 will also bring many user experience improvements.  Let's hope both teams learn from and share their experiences, making both products even better.

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