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Holiday and a lot of catch-up work interfered, so I am a bit late with the news: Six Apart launched a beta version of the new Movable Type Theme & Plugin directory and a thoroughly renovated  It looks gorgeous.

I just released a little plugin I needed for another project.  It adds a 'bitlyfy' template tag modifier to Movable Type that lets you turn any URL into a shortened URL directly in your Movable Type template code.  Simply add bitlyfy="1" to any template tag that outputs a URL, and it will output a link instead.  Download the Bitlyfy Plugin here, docs and source are here.

I recently needed a quick way to use the values of a number of configuration directives in my mt-config.cgi file directly in a template.  So I created a little plugin that adds an <mt:configdirective> tag to Movable Type.  You can use it to do things like <mt:configdirective name="SearchThrottleSeconds"> for example.  Warning: it can also be used to expose your database password etc., so don't install this plugin on a system where anybody can edit the templates.  The plugin can be downloaded here:

Mark Carey from MT-hacks has announced a Bootstrap-based theme for Movable Type.  If you don't know Bootstrap yet, it is a collection of stylesheets and javascript files that you can use to quickly put together a great-looking website using pre-made elements.  The theme can be downloaded here.  Documentation is still incomplete at this time, but I'm sure that will change soon.

Always wanted to write or update a plugin for Movable Type 5.x but didn't know how?  Never fear, thanks to the efforts of Shmuel from Six Apart now you don't have to learn Japanese anymore to understand the relevant documentation.  Just have a look at the English Movable Type Developer Guide here. Nice!
I just released a new plugin called FacebookShareCount.  Using Facebook's API it pulls in the number of shares each of your entries has received on Facebook, and adds this information to your Movable Type installation.  You can then display this info in the backend of your MT installation (if you are using MT5) via the listing framework, or sort entries with it in published templates.
Two of my clients recently encountered this issue, so I thought I'd mention it here along with the fix.  In some versions of Movable Type (4.38 was the one my clients used) there exists a bug on the 'Edit Profile' screen you can reach by clicking your own username in the top right of the screen.  Any custom fields for users appear to be empty on your own profile.
Blogger Tom Keating of TMCNet has released his own fork of the PostOffice plugin for Movable Type that allows users to send in their blog entries via email.  His version sports quite a number of improvements over the older version, check it out...
Dan from has released a new theme for Movable Type and Melody called 'Patrick'.  It sports an impressive 13 settings screens that let you change everything, from colours, columns, labels, headers and footers, but also if (and how) to display Facebook comments, Twitter integration, highlighted entries, and much, much more.
The error "Error saving plugin settings: Could not register story template with Facebook: Unknown method" has been popping up more and more among users of the FacebookCommenters plugin for Movable Type.  The cause is a change to the API at Facebook.  Six Apart is aware of the issue (check the Fogbugz ticket here if you have access) and a fix has been committed but not released yet.   I have been told the updated version of FacebookCommenters will be bundled with the upcoming Movable Type 5.13/4.38 release.