FacebookCommenters Plugin Broken, but Fix will be in MT5.13/4.38

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The error "Error saving plugin settings: Could not register story template with Facebook: Unknown method" has been popping up more and more among users of the FacebookCommenters plugin for Movable Type.  The cause is a change to the API at Facebook.  Six Apart is aware of the issue (check the Fogbugz ticket here if you have access) and a fix has been committed but not released yet.   I have been told the updated version of FacebookCommenters will be bundled with the upcoming Movable Type 5.13/4.38 release.

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Testing with firefox

Testing with firefox

Testing with firefox

Testing with firefox

Have you heard anything else about this? There does not seem to be any movement to get this fixed and I just got word from facebook that it will stop working on 2/1/2012 unless changes are made to the api calls and oauth is incorporated.

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