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Always wanted to write or update a plugin for Movable Type 5.x but didn't know how?  Never fear, thanks to the efforts of Shmuel from Six Apart now you don't have to learn Japanese anymore to understand the relevant documentation.  Just have a look at the English Movable Type Developer Guide here. Nice!
Some good news for Movable Type users in the English speaking world.  After several years of severe neglect on the sales and marketing front, Six Apart finally hired a brand new VP of Sales and Marketing for North America.  His name is Robert Minton, and he sounds like a really capable guy (I spoke with him during a conference call recently).  Exciting times ahead!  Continue reading to read his own introduction which he posted to the MTOS mailing list.
I've been meaning to post about it sooner, but I've been working on a side project that has been taking away all my spare time (things should get better after next week).

Six Apart employee Shmuel Fomberg posted the news that there is an announcement out on the Japanese blog, the gist of which is the following:

MT 5.2 will be out in the fall, and it will include:
  •  support for nginx and PSGI
  •  a new rich text editor 
  •  the ability to restrict the file-path where the websites will be
  •  authentication using email