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There has been a time when  new releases of Movable Type were just announced via a blog post on and a few tweets, but it looks like a bit more effort went into the announcement of Movable Type 5.2 this time.  Check out this screenshot I made of the homepage of CMS Wire this morning.  Way to go Six Apart!

Movable Type 5.2 is out!

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Great news from Six Apart this morning, with the announcement that Movable Type 5.2 is finally out.  This release boasts a new editor, improved performance and several enhancements like the ability to send email via password-protected SMTP servers or support for PSGI.  Full release notes, list of new features and download link...
Six Apart put out the second release candidate, including a small number of bugfixes.  Looks like it is just about ready to go!  And I must say, the new editor looks very promising!