October 2010 Archives

Thanks to Google Translate I read this press release and this article.  From the rough Japanese to English machine translation I seem to understand that some sort of collaboration was announced between a company called myGengo and Six Apart KK, and that it had to do with a translation tool called "String".  If only a better translation was available ;-)
Getting the authors of a blog in Movable Type is not that hard: just use the <mt:authors> tag when you are in blog context, and the list of authors will roll right out.  But what if you need to find the opposite?  Given an author, which blogs does he have a role on?
I will be at the LeWeb conference in Paris later this year.  Any other Movable Type people coming?  Might be a good place for a small meetup/dinner/coffeebreak...  This conference has a special place in the history of this blog, as it was the birthplace of Movable Tips!   I don't think I will be setting up another blog during this year's keynote though...
You might have noticed the new 'like' button now present on each entry on this blog.  If you are signed in to Facebook you can now hit that button to indicate you like the entry so all your friends can come over and read it too.  Adding such a button is a snap, thanks to the new FacebookLike plugin by Jun Kaneko.
If you have been following the discussions around the Movable Type community after the news of the Six Apart takeover, following articles probably aren't new for you.  But for everyone else wondering about where Movable Type is going, here are some links to a number of articles worth reading.
A new MT version with a tiny bugfix was released earlier today.  If you want to try it out without installing anything, Mihai Bocsaru has made it available at his http://www.movabletypedemo.org/ website, as usual.  Release notes can be found here.
Memcached is a great way to speed up rebuild times and interface speed in Movable Type.  If you have control over your own server, setting it up is actually not that difficult.  Basically you install and start a memcached daemon and then you tell Movable Type to start caching data in it by setting a MemcachedServers directive in mt-config.cgi.