Using the Same Memcached Daemon for Multiple Movable Type Installations

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Memcached is a great way to speed up rebuild times and interface speed in Movable Type.  If you have control over your own server, setting it up is actually not that difficult.  Basically you install and start a memcached daemon and then you tell Movable Type to start caching data in it by setting a MemcachedServers directive in mt-config.cgi.
But what if you have multiple Movable Type installations, living on the same server or on different ones, all configured to use the same memcached daemon?

You might start seeing some weird things happening, which is logical.  Suppose one installation stores information about the entry with the id '1' and this data gets written to the memcached cache.  Next, suppose another installation requests information about an entry with the id '1'.  Normally, these two installations would be using different databases, so no problem.  But when they share the same memcached cache while using similar keys, data could get mixed up and might 'leak' from one installation into the other.

This may lead to all kinds of 'fun' results: users, blogs, entries, assets... showing up in the wrong places and breaking things.  Not exactly what you want.

So how to avoid this?  Using multiple memcached installations, all reserving their own chunk of memory? That might be a waste of resources, especially if some of the Movable Type installations are much smaller/less active than the others.  Not using memcached?  But what about the performance then?

Fortunately, the solution is simple: use the MemcachedNamespace directive in the mt-config.cgi file of each installation.  This directive will prefix all keys stored in memcached with the value you set for it.  So if your first installation has this line in mt-config.cgi:

MemcachedNamespace first

and the second installation has this:

MemcachedNamespace second

This will ensure that the entry with ID '1' will be stored once with a prefix 'first' and once with a prefix 'second' and there will be no mixups...

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