What to do when/if Movable Type Frustrates You...

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Even though I have been using Movable Type for years and I like lots of things about it (scaleability, performance, separation between design, content and code, 'native' multi-blog, multi-user system...), it is unavoidable that there will sometimes be frustrations.  Why can't MT do X, why do I have to click five times to do Y, why is the setting for Z so hard to find...
Here is a tip to do something with that frustration: don't get mad, submit a feature request and get it fixed!

During the years I worked at Six Apart I made it my policy that whenever I got frustrated by anything in Movable Type's interface or functionality, I wouldn't bottle it up but I would immediately submit a new feature request with a suggested fix.  Submitting it directly in the bug tracking system made sure it got to the dev team with the least possible amount of intermediaries, and this resulted in several new features and changes over time.  (That language selection dropdown menu item when creating a new blog?  That's a direct result of a frustration I had...)

Take it from me: the feeling you get when you see one of your proposed solutions being implemented is way better than keeping your irritations bottled up for years.

Some tips:
  • Make it very clear what the problem is: what were you trying to do, why was it hard, on which screens does this happen?
  • Suggest a fix: what should change, where?
  • Label your idea as a 'feature request' when submitting it (unless it is really a bug). 
  • Submit your idea right away after you had your frustrating experience.  If you keep putting it off, eventually you'll forget to do it...
Don't get mad at MT, help it become better!

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