June 2013 Archives

Hot on the heels of MT 5.2.6 Six Apart released MT 5.2.7 today to fix a few bugs that were discovered in the last version.  Release notes are here.  The most important bug seems to have been with the treatment of the <mt:ignore> tag, something with "invalidating the MTIgnore's block tag's opening closing tag", according to the announcement.  I have no idea what an 'opening closing tag' is actually, but as soon as a proper English translation for the term is found I will let you know :-)

It was announced last week while I was away on business so I couldn't write about it until now.  Movable Type 5.2.6 is out, and it comes with two big new features and some smaller ones: a new theme called 'Eiger' which is fully responsive (and a good base to build responsive sites on), and a revamped mobile version of the dashboard that lets you blog on smartphones on tablets.