Six Apart Japan Announces Something About Translating Movable Type Plugins

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Thanks to Google Translate I read this press release and this article.  From the rough Japanese to English machine translation I seem to understand that some sort of collaboration was announced between a company called myGengo and Six Apart KK, and that it had to do with a translation tool called "String".  If only a better translation was available ;-)
This all seems to be part of an effort to bring more of the innovations and plugins built for MT in Japan to the wider world, at least that is what I get from:

Overseas members of the community, "to use a great plug-ins and themes of Japan", "we have to fix it English help" has many voices and nervous, "string" to introduce to everyone in the community that, we hope to accelerate the internationalization of plugins from Japan.

There also seems to be a new Facebook group associated with this initiative

The "Strings" tool looks like a webservice where people can help translate strings for various projects.  It looks like a number of plugins are scheduled for translation:

As a first step of the collaboration, in six months will then select about 10 out of plug-in about 150 are currently available, to perform translations use a string on a trial basis in collaboration with developers plans. A Case Study of Translation plug-in, by notifying the plug-in developers around the world, we would like to tie the activation of interaction between communities.

This is great news.  Maybe they could put some press releases and articles in the system too, so we don't have to rely on Google Translate for this kind of news ;-)

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We're getting there! :) Currently the announcement is targeted towards Japanese MT plugin developers, as the effort is to help them translate their plugins into English. We'll be making more announcements together in the future, which will be in English too next time!


Co-founder, CTO
myGengo, Inc.

This is fantastic news!

I've had a native japanese colleague in Rome, Italy.

Her name is Jamie Kim and I recall that while doing some cultural exchange she started to teach us Japanese.

Too bad that we didn't take it very seriously. I would have been able to help with these gems' translation :)

Cannot wait to see the plugins being available to the community.

Kind Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru

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