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A few days ago Endevver announced a new plugin to the Movable Type community: Template Optimizer.  I just installed and tested it, and it looks impressive.  The plugin scans all templates of one or more blogs on your Movable Type installation and offers a number of suggestions to improve efficiency and speed of publication.
Not only that, but it even offers a two-click way to automatically apply all the generated recommendations.  A big timesaver...

As I wrote before, Movable Type's standard templates are not optimized much and can use quite some improvement right out of the box.  So to test this plugin I applied the default 'Classic Blog' template set to my test blog and then ran this plugin on it:

After hitting the 'Go' button, the plugin returned following recommendations:
All of this is good advice, basically.  More or less the same advice (and the reasons behind it) that I posted in these two articles:
The great thing about this plugin is that it allows you to do all this in basically a few clicks.  Definitely recommended!

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Currently the hogan case is still under further investigation in.

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"At present,parajumpers, Heb

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