Keeping Track of the Japanese Movable Type Community Using Google Reader + Google Translate

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Here is a neat little trick to be able to read what people are saying on (for example) Movable Type Japan or the Japanese Six Apart website, without having to constantly copy paste stuff into Google Translate.  It even works with Twitter Search, so you can now finally read what all these Japanese MT tweets are about...
Step 1: Get a Google Reader account
Step 2: Subscribe to the RSS feed of a Japanese website


Step 3: In the settings for the feed, select 'Translate into my language'


Step 4: Profit!

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Another way of keeping track of the MT Japan site is to drag this into your bookmarks toolbar:

Once you've gotten to the site, it allows you to click around throughout the site without any cutting & pasting of another url.

Here's the link to the MT Japan Template Tags reference page. The little candy-colored labels on the tags identifying whether it's a block tag, a function tag, introduced in MT4.1, MT4.2, MT5.0 or only available in commercial or enterprise level is particularly useful for newbies.

I also keep the Documents page bookmarked. Lots of good stuff there.

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