Roundup of Articles on the Future of Movable Type

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If you have been following the discussions around the Movable Type community after the news of the Six Apart takeover, following articles probably aren't new for you.  But for everyone else wondering about where Movable Type is going, here are some links to a number of articles worth reading.
Movable Type Will Continue Evolving! (Jun Kaneko)

Six Apart's official take on the matter.  Six Apart's Japanese subsidiary will take over all Movable Type related activities and is all fired up to keep releasing new versions.

Interview with Jun Kaneko of Six Apart Japan about where Movable Type is in Japan and what the future holds.

The Future of Movable Type is Melody (Byrne Reese)

Byrne is part of the OpenMelody project, a community powered fork of Movable Type.  They will also continue providing support for a community version of MT, in collaboration with Six Apart in Japan.

Forum post by a doubting and frustrated user, with some very insteresting replies below it.

Why Movable Type -- 1. Introduction (François Nonnenmacher)
Why Movable Type -- 2. Myths, FUD and reality (François Nonnenmacher)
Why Movable Type -- 3. The Communities (François Nonnenmacher)

First three in a series of articles by François Nonnenmacher explaining why he, as a professional website builder, chooses to stay with Movable Type.

Know any other good articles that should be in this list?  Drop them in the comments!

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