How to add a Facebook 'Like' Button to Movable Type

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You might have noticed the new 'like' button now present on each entry on this blog.  If you are signed in to Facebook you can now hit that button to indicate you like the entry so all your friends can come over and read it too.  Adding such a button is a snap, thanks to the new FacebookLike plugin by Jun Kaneko.
Installation is very simple: download the plugin, unzip it and drop it in your plugin folder.  Follow the instructions provided in the README.txt and you are set.

Two tips:
  • You need to enter your Facebook ID in the plugin settings.  Here is how you find it.
  • In the plugin settings you can define the width of the button in pixels.  You need to put 'px' behind the number though, or it will ignore your setting and use the default width.

One tiny bug (I think).  In the current version (0.2) you can opt to use the text 'Recommend' on the button instead of 'Like'.  But for me, this setting didn't seem to do anything, even after republishing.


If I have some time I might dive into the code and have a look.

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The author put "Recommended" not "Recommend" in their code, hence why that doesn't work. If you replace all instances of "Recommended" in blog_config.tmpl it all works fine.

There's another issue in that if you have quote marks in your entry excerpt, MTOpenGraphMeta doesn't strip them out or encode them so you end up with problems in your meta tags. However you don't actually need this tag.

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