Using the Movable Type 'Memo' Plugin to Add (Anything?) to the Create Entry Screen

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François Nonnenmacher from Ubiquitic recently released 'Memo', a small Movable Type plugin that allows you to add a text box to Movable Type's Create Entry screen.  Useful to let all the authors of a multi-author site know about new editorial guidelines, system maintenance etc. for example. But there is more you can do with it.
I installed it this morning to play with it a bit, and in the plugin settings screen this was one of the first things I tried:


Does it take HTML?  Indeed it did, as the result came out in bold, just like I was hoping it would.

Next, I went to, a site where you can create a quick and dirty javascript-based widget to display the contents of an RSS feed.  I made a feed with the latest headlines on and stuck the resulting javascript code in a DIV that is 200 pixels wide, so it would fit the sidebar.


I saved my changes and went to the Edit Entry screen, and this is what greeted me:


Awesome!  So you can basically use this Memo plugin to pull in anything you like from pretty much anywhere: IFRAME, images, RSS feed, javascript widget, apache server side include...  all without requiring further complicated MT backend modifications. Cool one, François!

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Glad you liked it ;-) and interesting use, nice idea!

I've also enjoyed François' plugin.

It could be used also as an excellent tool for editors or customers that would need to remember something on a tricky project ;)

Kind Regards,
Mihai Bocsaru

This is interesting. On a multi author blog, you could keep an updated list of FAQ's running on the side, relevant to what the author might be writing about.

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