Linking to Non-Preferred Archives in Movable Type

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It has always been a bit of a hassle to link to alternative archives in Movable Type.  The standard <mt:archivelink> tag only generates links to the archive that has been set as the 'preferred' one, so if you were publishing other versions of your archives (mobile, XML, ...) you had to manually generate links to them.  I even wrote an article on that a while ago, explaining how you could use the regex_replace attribute for this.
But now it seems there is a new plugin by Naoaki Onozaki, called 'OtherArchiveURL'.  It adds a new tag <mt:otherarchiveurl> to Movable Type that can be used in the same contexts as <mt:archiveurl>, but this one takes a number of possible attributes that allow you to choose which archive the url is generated for.

You can simply reference the archive you want by the name/label of the template that generates it, by the template id, by the template identifier or by the template mapping id.  Pretty neat, and should have been core functionality a long time ago in my opinion.

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