Movable Type and "Six Apart" live on... in Japan!

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Movable Type does seem to have a future, despite the lack of information about it in the first news about the Six Apart acquisition by VideoEgg and the formation of the new company "SAY Media". This article on the Japanese Six Apart site seems to take away most of the worries people might have.
As far as I can make up from the Google translation, Six Apart Japan will continue using the name "Six Apart Limited" and will continue to operate as a subsidiary of SAY Media, developing Movable Type and a Japanese version of TypePad.  Sales of Movable Type will continue in the U.S. and the rest of the world via SAY Media's channels...

In other words, things will mostly stay the same.  MT development was already done mostly in Japan for quite some time now, and I suppose support will either stay in the U.S. or move to Japan too, but it will continue.

Here is the Google Translated version of the article, if any of my readers who are fluent in Japanese could supply a better translation, this would be most welcome!

Six Apart Japan Institute existing business continuity, even as it name

Sep 22, 2010, and the U.S. company Six Apart VideoEgg Hashi Yone merger, the new company it agreed to establish SAY Media.

Six Apart Inc., the company merged with eggs this year for U.S. video, the new company started off as a new Media SAY. After the merger, the Japanese subsidiary of Six Apart Media SAY 100% subsidiary that will be, the name "Six Apart Ltd." remain continue, meantime, will not change its name.

Six Apart offers corporations in Japan, "Movable Type""TypePad""Zenback""sazanami"products such as service development, sales support, implementation and continue as before. Resellers program "ProNet"also provides no changes so far.

The development of Movable Type, Six Apart Japan, and corporations subject in 2009, has been supplying products to implement the United States and European users, change the sales structure and future development plans are not available. Back in the U.S. market, SAY Through Media, Movable Type will continue to continue to sell.

TypePad is after the merger, the U.S. will continue to develop SAY Media as a major platform.Japanese corporations have developed their own Six Apart, TypePad for business licensing and business operations (TypePad business or TypePad ASP) for the Japanese company has moved to spindle development system already developed by the Japanese company after the merger Change planning and sales support is not available.

Their own services company Six Apart Japan "zenback" is now available, currently in beta, the service will be officially launched soon.

SAY's main business for the media business media company in Japan, "sazanami" has started in earnest in service from June this year under the name of the future, SAY engagement with technology and media companies adopted, will further expand the deployment of the Japanese market and Asian market.

In Japan in the future as Six Apart Ltd., is striving to develop better products and services than ever.

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"In other words, things will mostly stay the same."

That's really bad news - things don't need to stay the same, they need to improve. Drastically. It's time, finally to take a week off work and attempt to extricate my blog from MT into something that has some support - like Drupal. Sigh.

This is a good news of course :)
Time to me to move on MT5 that was build by japanese team for a great part if I'm not wrong. ;)

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