Six Apart Japan and Evernote Announce Deal (I think)

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On Six Apart Japan's website there is an announcement which, if pulled through Google translate, seems to indicate some kind of deal with Evernote.  The gist seems to be that there is a new plugin for Movable Type to directly clip entries to Evernote, and it looks as if this feature is also available to certain TypePad users, although it isn't clear to me if this is for Japanese users only or worldwide.  Stay tuned!

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What was launched:

Launched free, cross-post plugin for MT5
In MT 5, when you post a new entry, an entire post is saved automatically into a specific notebook of your Evernote account

Launched note insertion function from your Evernote on "TypePad Business"
Just click the Evernote icon in the editing screen of TPB

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