Making (some) Movable Type 4 Plugins Work on Movable Type 5

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A number of plugins written for Movable Type 4 don't work under Movable Type 5 because the screens they add to the application have become unreachable.  Movable Type 4 used to have a 'Create' and a 'Manage' menu, and many plugins added links under these headings.  Movable Type 5 does not have these two headings anymore. Technically many of these plugins still work if you know the links to their screens, but there is a better way.
createmanage.pngRight now, the authors of many of these plugins are pondering what to do: create a dedicated MT 5 version that attaches menu items in a different location?  Have the plugin auto-detect in which version of MT it is installed and changing the menu items accordingly?  Abandon support for MT4?

Many of these authors also don't have the time right now to upgrade all their plugins, or they might be waiting until there is more consensus among developers as to what is the best way to deal with the new structure.

While this is probably all for the best in the long run, it is not very good if you need the functionality of certain MT 4 plugins combined with some of the new features in MT 5.  What to do, what to do...?

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy workaround available right now if you need it: simply install this tiny plugin in the plugins folder of your MT5 installation:  It will add a 'Create' and a 'Manage' menu to your installation, and plugins can then use them to add their links just as if they were still on MT 4.

It might still be that the plugin doesn't work under MT 5, but at least it will be able to show menu items, and that is a start...

Note: if no plugins are installed that actually add a submenu to these items, the main items will not show up in MT's interface either!

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This is a funky that I didn't imagine !

Have you looked at getting Notifier 5.01 to work with MT 5.12? I used your plugin and but it didn't quite work.

Michael, you should know that Maarten's plugin could work for some v4.x plugins, but not for all of them.

I would encourage you to get in touch with Chad Everett and make sure he checks his Notified plugin with v5.x and makes it compatible with the 5th series.

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