Fixing Movable Type Error: "Can't call method 'label' on an undefined value"

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If you ever see the error message "Can't call method 'label' on an undefined value" in Movable Type while publishing one or more entries, here is what the problem (probably) is and a solution.
What is going on?
While publishing entries, Movable Type is loading them one by one from the database, along with all relevant information about them.  One of the things Movable Type tries to load is the categories the entry belongs to.  This is done by first loading  the so-called 'Placement Records' that refer to the entry.  Basically these are just snippets of information saying: "Entry X of blog Y belongs in category Z".  Once the placement records for an entry have been loaded, Movable Type tries to get more information about the categories, basically by looking up "Category Z" in this case and fetching all available information about it.

Why the error?
Internally, categories all have a number in Movable Type, and it is by this number that the placement records and category information identify the category.  When publishing an entry in a specific category, one of the first things that Movable Type needs to know is the 'label' of the category, i.e. the textual representation of the category name (for example: 'Sports', or 'Current affairs'...).

But what happens if there is a placement record saying an entry belongs to a category, say represented by the number 123, but there is no record of a category with number 123 in the system?  When Movable Type tries to load the label, an error occurs: "Can't call method 'label' on an undefined value".  The 'undefined value' in this case is the category information that was not found, and the 'label' is what Movable Type was trying to read from it.

How to fix?
If you get this error, it means the database table containing the placement records has somehow gotten out of whack: there are now one (or more) records assigning entries to categories that don't exist (anymore).  This can happen when you have just deleted or renamed one or more categories and the process was not fully completed somehow,

The only way to fix it is by directly editing your database.  You should not attempt this if you are not familiar with SQL commands/databases, and especially not if you haven't made a backup first.

First, run this query to find out which placement records point to non-existent categories:

FROM `mt_placement` 
LEFT JOIN mt_category ON ( placement_category_id = category_id ) 
WHERE category_id IS NULL; 

If this returns one or more lines, you have placement records pointing to categories that don't occur in the mt_categories table.  By looking at the blog_id and entry_id columns in the results you can identify the entries that have a publishing problem.  If it looks like the entries that are mentioned are indeed the ones giving you trouble, proceed with this query:

DELETE mt_placement FROM `mt_placement` LEFT JOIN mt_category ON ( placement_category_id = category_id ) WHERE category_id IS NULL

This removes the offending records, and publishing should now work again.

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