Movable Type 5.14 Released

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Six Apart announced the release of Movable Type 5.14 earlier today.  Release notes are here.  Apparently this is just a bugfix release without any new features or security updates, so upgrading is not mandatory.  Still, the list of bugs fixed is enough to fill a screen, so it might be worth the effort!

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Do you see MT really picking itself up any time soon? I loved MT years ago before they let WordPress kick their butt. I put MT on a domain because I wanted to work with MT again. But, there is so little support from the community, so little interest in what could be a great alternative to WordPress (still). I wonder if getting into MT is going to leave me with nothing when it just disappears one day, fades away. Already Melody has kicked the bucket.

There's loads of activity around MT - the problem is most of it is in Japanese, which makes it rather inaccessible to us in the anglophone world.

I don't think there's much danger of the product going away - the bigger issue is the lack of an English-language community right now.

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