New Documentation for Movable Type 5

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Japanese MT hacker Hajime Fujimoto wrote the PDF book "Designer's Guide to Movable Type 5" (part 1, part 2) some time ago but unfortunately he wrote it in Japanese.  The good news is Six Apart agreed with him to have it translated and edited so it could be published on-line... for free!  They asked me for help with the editing and the first result of these efforts is online here.  More is to follow...
The parts I've edited so far give some good information and tips on how to build websites in Movable Type 5.  Especially since the concept of "websites" (potentially having one or more sub-blogs) is new to MT5 and one of the main differences with Movable Type 4.  In this new structure it is vital to know which modules and templates to have at which level.  Also important are the proper ways to include them on other levels without getting unexpected output.

There are plenty of example images and code snippets to re-use too.  Go have a look and check back often!

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This is wonderful, and makes up for the woeful lack of MT5 documentation on the main site. Thank you!

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