Setting Display Options (and Custom Field Order) for all Users of a Movable Type Blog

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The order and presence of various fields and elements on the Create Entry and Create Page screens of Movable Type can be easily changed, as I wrote about earlier.  But you can do it only for the user that is currently logged in.  What if you want to set these options for all users on a blog?  With a smallish number of authors, you could contemplate doing it manually: logging in and out and rearranging things for each user separately.
It would be a lot of (boring) work, but doable.  But what if your blog has hundreds of users, and not all of them are as tech-savvy as you are?  This is the question someone on the Six Apart ProNet mailing list recentlly asked.

A lot of discussion followed, until Jun Kaneko (Six Apart's MT Community Manager) pointed out this little gem of a plugin from Japan: EntryPrefsFixer.  (Japanese blog entry about it here).  I haven't tested it yet, but a quick look at the code seems to indicate it should work for MT4 and MT5 (and has both English and Japanese text).

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