Movable Type, Timezones and Daylight Saving Time

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When creating a blog in Movable Type, you get the option of picking a timezone for it.  This is used in combination with the date/time on your server to put the date and time on your entries.  Basically this is done by taking the (UTC) server time and adding the timezone offset to it.
For example, right now it is 11.54 UTC and this blog is set to Central European Time (CET) so when I created this entry it got the time 12.54.  

server time.png

mt time.png

However, when I look at the clock in my office it is 13.56!  What is going on?

Basically, Movable Type is ignoring the fact that Daylight Saving Time is in effect in the Central European Time timezone right now.  Instead of UTC+1, it is actually UTC+2 here.

If you are experiencing the same issue, you can remedy the matter by switching your blog's timezone under Settings > General.  Just pretend you are temporarily in a different timezone, one that does have the right offset compared to UTC...


Movable Tips is on Eastern Europe Time... for now.

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MT doesn't even have the bit to account for DST!

Here on the East Coast of the US, we are sometimes +4 and sometimes +5 UT (or is it +3 and +4?), depending on DST

You can't just use the zone to determine the time.

Note that this year there was a 2 week lag between US and EU DST

one more thing...its called UT in the standards! NOT UTC

The MT timestamps are technically incorrect

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