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I recently came across the blog of Sebastian Kleine, a German PHP coder.  He wrote he recently had to use Movable Type for a work-related project, but couldn't find any good (recent) introductory books so he decided to write one himself.  The result is an ebook available from Amazon, titled 'Blogging with Movable Type'.  I haven't read it myself, but he describes it as:
This ebook is a must have introduction to the blogging system Movable Type. It covers the basic topics starting with an introduction to what Movable Type is. It also handles the installation and configuration process. You can learn about how to create static pages and blog entries. It also gives hints about categorization and tagging and how to upload images and other files and add them to your blog entry.

Another important topic is themes, design and templates. This ebook describes the basics and shows how to customize and improve your own theme. It also explains the different ways of publishing your content.

This ebook is no complete reference, but gives a good introduction to Movable Type.

It sure sounds like it could be a good introduction for beginners, and people who need more information can always check the (free) manual at later.

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